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Vision Worship Center (VWC) was founded in March of 2015 by Pastors Kevin and Shervina Burrows. Before Vision Worship Center, the church was formerly known as God Sent Christian Ministries. The name Vision Worship Center was chosen because the name describes what the ministry is all about and it embraces where the ministry is going. The Bible expressly says in Proverbs 29:18 that where there is no vision, the people perish. It is a Vision, a foresight of God's plan for us that should propel us to live the lives that He has called us to and to go into the earth and make disciples.


Vision Worship Center comprises several smaller ministries and outreaches that enable them to reach the lost in many ways and through many different avenues. Some of those ministries and outreaches are our Praise Team Ministry, our CD, and DVD ministry, and the Vision Impact outreach, which impacts the lives of others through random acts of kindness. Also, the ministry offers glimpses of Pastor Burrows' messages on the website and YouTube. We aim to reach the lost and broken by any means necessary.



Families are especially important to Pastors Kevin and Shervina and the current families of VWC because Satan aims to tear apart families and cause them to be dysfunctional, which allows the effects to trickle down to children for several generations. God ordained family from the foundation of the earth when he created Adam and Eve and then told them to be fruitful and multiply. Pastors Kevin and Shervina's vision for this ministry is to make every effort to build strong marriages and strong families within its communities and across the nations

our pastors:


Kevin Burrows

Senior Pastor

Shervina Burrows


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